For those who run blogs on the WordPress system, you know that plugins are the key to adding new features and streamlining your blog. I’ve come up with a list of four plugins that will help you to improve your monetized blog and increase traffic. All of the plugins are in use on this blog, so you can see exactly what they look like in execution.

  1. Aizatto’s Related Posts is a plugin that automatically inserts related posts at the end of each post based on keywords. It is fully customizable, via the admin panel, allowing you to do things like add excerpts, trim title lengths, and use custom CSS schemes. Read more about how related posts can help to increase traffic and viewer interest in my previous article here.
  2. Sociable is a plugin that adds links at the end of your posts to allow readers to quickly and automatically submit/vote your site on their favorite social bookmarking source, increasing your potential traffic. It contains a huge list of just about every social bookmarking site there is. Sociable also allows exactly where these will appear, whether they be simply on permalinked posts or on every page of your blog.
  3. Angsuman’s Feed Coprighter adds a customizable copyright message to your feed items ensuring that thieves and plagiarists cannot simply duplicate your feed and posts on their own external sites with no credit to you. No configuration is needed; the plugin is a set-and-forget measure to protect your RSS.
  4. WPTextAds allows you to bypass the middlemen and sell text linked ads directly on your own blog. WPTextAds has tons of features, and is fully customizable. The free version should be enough for most small blogs, supporting two ads in each of the three site areas (home, post, full site). It allows advertisers a choice of pricing depending on where their ad will be displayed.
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3 Responses to “Four great WordPress plugins”
  1. listikal says:

    The WPTextAds must have some serious potential, if you’re paying $127.00/license? That is crazy. Are you using it?

  2. blacklotus90 says:

    I’m using it, you can see the “buy a text ad” link on my sidebar. I’m sure it has great potential on really popular sites, but it’s a lot harder for smaller sites to broker their own ads. The cool thing is that they offer the 180-day money back guarantee.

  3. bex says:

    I like the related posts idea I may look into that

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