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Today I’m going to introduce you to a site called ClixSense. ClixSense is a service that pays you to visit advertisers’ websites. It is similar to Adbux which appeared previously on this blog, but there are many more ads available as compared to Adbux’s measly 10 per day.

The premise of the site is that for every 30-second visit to an advertiser’s site, they will pay you. They are not an autosurf, so there is no worry about click fraud. ClixSense claims that they will pay you anywhere from $.01-5.00, but I haven’t personally seen any ads paying more than $.04, and these are few and far between. Despite this, Clixsense is a relatively good source of income if you have the time. Clixsense also pays for referrals, you get what they earn, as well as a $5 bonus if they upgrade their account (which I highly recommend based on my own experience).

They offer a service called ClixSense Premium, which gives you (for $10 a year) a much greater amount of ads and larger referral bonuses. This pays for itself in no time, since as soon as you become a premium member, you get about 350 available ads per day instead of around 30.

Although you may not be able to earn very much with ClixSense, it is possible to be pulling in a high amount of income with a premium account, referrals, and time on your hands.

ClixSense Signup Link:

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One Response to “ClixSense: Earn by browsing ads”
  1. Matt Ellsworth says:

    I’ve never really liked the clixsense stuff - sure you can earn a little bit of cash - but waiting 30 seconds per site for just 1 cent or 2 cents or 5 cents doesn’t really thrill me… i’d rather spend the time blogging or stumbling..

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