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EarnOverTheWeb was a project I started early in 2007. The goals were to get some practice at building and running a website, to introduce myself to the world of affiliate marketing and online promotion, to share my money-making methods with other like-minded individuals, and, of course, to earn money online. After months of almost-daily updates, things like school and other activities took priority and I began paying less attention to the site. By this point, my downline on many sites was relatively stable and expanding, and to this day I earn a small trickle of monthly income from the remanants. All in all the project took a lot of work and was enjoyable. Great Success!!

I will no longer be posting new content to the site. I will leave all previous content of the site intact for people interested in making money. Be aware that old content may not reflect the current status of any third-party websites.

This domain will be used to host my other projects.

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