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There are many legitimate autosurfs out there, and today I’m here to warn you about one that’s not. The site is called “SurfJunky.” At first glance, the site looks real, legitimate, well organized and frequented. Their terms, FAQ, and instructions all match legal autosurfs. Unlike the others, though, their payouts seem too good to be true, and are. SJ promises a minimum of $0.45 an hour. Added up, if someone were to surf for a month, this means they would theoretically earn $324. Nobody gets that rich that easily.

I myself, even after seeing many scam reports, decided to sign up for the site. After a few days of leaving their browser window up when I was idle, I tried logging in. As all of the scam reports had predicted, my account was banned. There is not a single user online who has a proof of payment, account after account is banned as soon as they near the $25 payout mark. The worst thing is, the site is making huge commissions as you waste your time browsing their ads.

Still not convinced? After the break I have compiled proof from around the web as to how SJ paying out is impossible.


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